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At Island Auto Glass & Trim Ltd, we are here to help you with all of your glass repairs and replacements. If you have a question about our services, take a look at this page to find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, feel free to give us a call and a member of our team can assist you.

Q: What will my repair cost?

A: Simply put, the cost of your work will depend on three main factors:

  • The type of damage (e.g. a chip or a crack)

  • The piece of glass that is damaged (e.g. the windshield or side window)

  • Whether your vehicle insurance covers you for glass damage

Q: Why repair a damaged windshield?

A: The purpose of windshield repair is to restore the structural integrity of the glass and improve the optical clarity of the affected area. Road debris frequently strikes windshields and causes minor damage. Unless the damage is repaired, the glass will continue to crack until the entire windshield requires replacing. Chips up to 1/2" and most minor cracks can be successfully repaired without replacing the windshield.

Q: What information will I need when I call?

A: We’ll need to know:

  • The year of vehicle (If you're not sure, check the title, registration, or manufacturing date located on the outside driver side door jam)

  • Make and model (ex. Chevrolet Cavalier)

  • Type of glass that needs replaced and what side (ex. windshield, door glass, quarter glass, vent glass, or back glass, and whether it's on the passenger side or the driver side)

  • Color of the glass (green tint, blue tint, bronze tint, privacy)

  • If you are going through your insurance company, we'll need the following information, most of which is on your insurance card:

    • Agent’s name

    • Policy holder name

    • Insurance company

    • Policy number

    • Claim number (If you have it)

    • Date of loss

    • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), located in the bottom left hand corner of the windshield

    • Cause of loss

    • Deductible

Q: What do I need to do after a windshield installation?

A: Here are some post installation guidelines:

  • Do not pressure wash your vehicle for 24 hours

  • Leave a 1/4" gap in your door glass to prevent build up of air pressure in the car. This pressure can cause the windshield to leak.

  • Do not slam the doors for the first 24 hours

  • Limit driving for the first 24 hours if possible

  • Remove any tape that was used after 24 hours

Q: What is O.E.M. Glass?

A: O.E.M. stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. When you purchase a new vehicle and drive it off the showroom floor, every component on the vehicle is considered to be O.E.M. (fenders, bumper, glass, muffler). When you replace a part, such as a fender or windshield, that is not made by the car manufacturer, you are replacing the O.E.M. part with an aftermarket part, which might be lower quality.

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